Entertainment and Shows

Les Productions WOW offers a variety of performers and shows for your events.

These events include galas or corporate events, conventions, employee or company anniversary celebrations, product launches, inaugurations, Christmas parties, garden parties, golf tournaments, recognition evenings, open house days, private functions, fundraisers, festivals, weddings, cocktails, happy hours, etc.



It’s the latest trend for all types of events: every candy bar is unique and designed according the evening’s theme. Your guests will enjoy, remember or have a long look at a lovely assortment of candies with many shapes and tastes.

To spruce up cocktails and such events, to replace deserts or hand as gifts to your guests, the candy bar is a key element of your decor that will certainly arise fantasies and add a splash of colours to your celebration.


This is the perfect concept for any corporate event, for launches, cocktails or a range of private celebrations. The making of the gloss is a glamorous new concept. It adds a touch of chic and refinement to any event as the guests are invited to create their own lip gloss, which is made on site and handed to guests while it is still warm.

This is an ideal attraction that will add a feminine touch to any event, but men can also enjoy creating a personal lip gloss as a gift for a friend, their partner or a family member.

Tam tam, percussion


Four musicians use transparent drum heads, with a light underneath each instrument. Water covers the drum heads so that when they are struck, the water splashes, creating immense sprays glowing with colours. Different settings change the colour of the water. Other percussionists stand in pools and use their hands to create even bigger splashes that add sound and visual effects to the performance.



Picture two large tubes of translucent materiel on a lit stand, in which a male or female dancer moves to background music. Many lighting colours are available, according to your tastes or the type of dance performed. Both figures sway and dance to the rhythm of your evening, for a visual show that is out of the ordinary!

Danseurs sur la scène


She has had classical training, but M’Michèle is resolutely modern with her electronic music. She fully uses her instrument and is accompanied by her DJ, a real-time sound and rhythm programmer, along with her bass player.

M’Michèle performs as a soloist, as a member of a duo or trio, according to your choice, and she will cast her spell to make your event an electro-soaring celebration for all.

She has been noticed in many events, both locally and internationally. These include the Dutch Harp Festival, the Lolë White Yoga Session International Tour, the Chromatic Festival, the Much Music Award festivities in Toronto, the North by Northeast Festival, the Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory, the Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix, for the Prince and Princess of Monaco, the Mayor’s Ball in Montreal, Rogers Cup, etc.

Recently, on the largest stage of the Spa Francofolies in Belgium, M’Michèle was unanimously recognized as 2015’s artist to follow by the Belgian press. She has been a recording artist on many albums and music scores, and launched her first album, Magnolia, on November 1, 2011.

M’Michèle has also performed at many corporate events here and abroad, including for Bombardier, Air Transat, Qatar Airways, Telus, Ernst & Young, the Barreau du Québec, the Banque Nationale, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Sun Life Financial, the ACPM convention, the Jean Coutu Group, Gaz Métro, etc.



Close-up magic allows for unsettling and impressive moments. It is an eye-popper that tickles your curiosity. The magician goes from table to table and, right in front of your eyes, performs his trick, taking you into his imaginary world. This is definitely a plus for your corporate events, cocktails, dinners, product launches, golf tournaments and conventions…


The pickpocket magician surprises your guests with his speed and precision. Image their reaction when he gives them back the watches, wallets, pens, glasses and cell phones he has taken from them without anyone around noticing.


Illusion, magic and humour can add up as the perfect performance. Our internationally well-known artists will enchant you with their original staging and magical special effects. This large and spectacular show will transport you with different magical themes. Amazing illusions, special effects, costumes, choreographies and interactive numbers are what makes these events unique.


Glitter-Speed Painter

Les Productions WOW  proposes an exceptional show alive with passion and creation that is bound to charm your guests. The artist paints a portrait in sequins on black paper as the audience watches. He can portray whoever you wish in less than 8 minutes. You can choose a celebrity, your company logo, or even the president of your organization.



A humorous VIP service!

High-class characters come to the service of your clients as they rollout the red carpet under their feet and pamper them. With the help of several props, they meet, greet, and treat your guest as top-notch VIPs, show them to the restrooms, shine their shoes, offer candy on a silver plate, scratch their backs, etc.

There is quite a variety of playful characters that are waiting to host your events with panache.

See your guests become stars for a night, as they are offered a high-class greeting on a red carpet. Their impressions are recorded on the spot by fake journalists and photographers. Glamour and camera flashes make for a special event!

“Oh la la! It’s unbelievable!” These funny, charming and eccentric aristocrats will wow you with fun, grace and poise with their Buckingham Palace accents, their titillating stories and fun-filled numbers.


Ice sculptor

Why not transform the bar into a decorative piece for your event?

And why not go with a bar made of ice, sculpted especially for you, and bearing your logo, if you wish.

Would you like to celebrate with glasses and a pouring station made of ice? Everything is possible. The beauty of the light reflecting on the ice will dazzle you.

This is also offered as part of a show.

A unique audiovisual show where music, lighting and special effects strike a unique, memorable moment.

Lasts from 8 to 10 minutes.

Location: indoors or outdoors twelve months a year.


Charlie Chaplin

In black and white! Relive the great era of Hollywood’s silent movies along with Charlie Chaplin. His quick pace, cane and umbrella juggling, his mustache and his funny expressions are impressive!

Marilyn Monroe

Your hosts will have the great privilege of sharing moments with the legendary Marilyn Monroe. You will fall in love with her sensuous voice, her sheer resemblance to the star and her incomparable charm.

The Godfather

This impersonator has won international awards and is simply incredible. You will think you are in the presence of Marlon Brando himself! This Godfather hosts your evenings, sings and acts as an emcee. He has travelled the world with his impersonation.


Photo studio

Mobile photo studio

See the photographer move about like a chameleon, as you become the star of the festival, the bar, the office party, or prom night!

The way you toss your hair, that dimple when you smile; things that your family and friends know so well and that make you who you are. Share and celebrate them! They are worth it! And so are you!

The studio team is ready to greet you and snap a photo worthy of a magazine. The hosting is more than friendly, especially since they are there to surprise you! All comes naturally to life with the help of props and the artistic director’s touch!

Nitrogen and mixology



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Laser show

Digital caricature